Den udenlandske entrepreneur i Danmark

Tips for starting successful businesses far away from home

Robin partner, in Mette Weber & Partners give her advice to people planning to start buisiness in Denmark:


The ‘Udenlandske’ Entrepreneur

Starting a business in your home country is a challenge. Starting a business in a foreign country as an expat, is an even bigger challenge.

You are a stranger in a strange land – a foreigner who wants to start a business! You have a pretty daunting task ahead. Still, entrepreneurs start successful businesses while living abroad everyday.

As a an foreign entrepreneur living and working in Denmark (I am an American)I want to share some tips for starting successful businesses far away from home.

  • Learn the language – Sure, most folks can speak some English. However, people don’t always want to speak English. People are more comfortable communicating in their native tongue. To build the network and close the deals, learn the local language.
  • Find a mentor – A mentor can help you understand the business culture and provide a much needed network.
  • Build a network – Building a network takes time. Go to networking events, talk to people, and see each interaction as a chance to connect.
  • Provide Value before Asking for Value – It doesn’t matter that you ran a wildly successful business in your home country, you are starting new. Figure out ways to prove your worth to potential clients before asking for their business.
  • Think ‘long haul’ – You won’t have a successful business up and running within six months. Think the 3 to 5 year range at a minimum.
  • Have a solid ‘plan B’ to earn income while building your business.

Being a foreigner and an entrepreneur can seem overwhelming, but it is possible to build a successful business. See where your entrepreneurial spirit in your new homeland will lead.

Good luck


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