Creating Networks Abroad

Moving to Denmark  – Solid networking requires energy to grow and nurture valuable relationships.

Robin partner, in Mette Weber & Partners give her advice about building your network

So you moved to Denmark and need to build your network?

Here are some steps to get you started:

  • Go to events – Good networking opportunities won’t arrive at your front door. Use sites like Linked In or Internations to find local events.
  • Get to know the culture – Networking differs across cultures. In the US, people talk to each other while waiting in line or on the bus (yes, this is networking!). In Germany, this would be considered unusual. Talk to someone familiar with the culture about networking in your new country.
  • Carry Business Cards – Yes, it sounds so 20th century, but business cards work. I’m shocked by how many people don’t carry them. I meet a lot of people each day. Business cards help me to remember who you are. Cards are cheap. Get some printed up.
  • Respect – Respect your network. Don’t connect with people only to get something (i.e. a job, an apartment) and then disappear once you’ve received it. Don’t spam your network indiscriminately. People talk. A reputation as a bad networker is hard to shake. An abused network is worse than no network at all.
  • Offer something – Help someone out. Be a resource. Connect someone with a person, an article, or website that they’ve been looking for. It helps you to maintain contact with your network and it makes people see you as a valuable resource.

Remember that to find opportunities you must go into new environments and meet new people. A solid network can help make life abroad easier and better.

Robin  says: “Create value before you ask for value.”

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